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An open, secure, and lightweight platform where you can self-host your files and data in the cloud.

Problems to solve

  • Expensive / limited cloud storage options
  • Anyone at Google / Dropbox can see your files
  • Alternatives only handle files, and not other data
  • Google and Dropbox don't offer cross platform sync clients

Our Solution

Freehold is lightweight and fast. It can run on anything from a $35 Raspberry Pi, to a multi-core cloud VPS.

Freehold-sync is a cross platform application that connects to Freehold to keep all your files in sync, allowing you to create your own open, secure, and inexpensive Google Drive / Dropbox alternative.

Freehold applications are built on web technologies and can be installed from anywhere. Freehold's simple REST API can be used from any language or platform, and a Go client library already exists for integrating with Go applications.

Technical Overview

Freehold is an entirely self-contained solution, with no external dependancies or requirements. The data layer is driven by a key-value store that is created and managed by Freehold automatically.

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... hugely impressive. Probably the most ambitious app I've seen that uses component files so extensively. I really like the concept behind it.

Rich Harris
Interactive editor at the Guardian US

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